CargoWise One

Integrity Matters:

WSP / CSP Interview

Vendor Certification [CargoWise Certified Professional]

Angie Lepak is certified for the following CargoWise One modules / features:

  • Forwarding
  • Customs
  • CFS
  • Webtracker
  • Warehouse
  • Transport
  • Liner/ Agency
  • Finance & Accounting
  • CRM & Tariff Management
  • Setup & Maintenance of Workflow, DocBuilder, & System Configuration
CargoWise One Expertise

Integrity Matters offers system setup, implementation and training services specifically involving the transition and use of CargoWise One. These services also extend into business process consulting and post go-Live support.  Integrity Matters will partner with your company to design a project plan, tailored to the exact needs of your users and the operations of your business.

CargoWise One Consulting Services
  • Project planning resources and timeline for implementation
  • Implementation and data extraction from legacy systems
  • System Setup and Registry guidance and checklist of certified modules
  • Guidance on Best Practices for planning and setup
  • Staff and Group Security
  • Training and Testing within all certified modules

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