Who is Integrity Matters?

When deciding on a company name, IM owner and president Angie Lepak recalls, “I thought it was important to make an unmistakable statement with my new company”.  With “Integrity Matters”, Angie hoped to send a clear message to clients and colleagues alike: that doing business with IM would result in something greater than ‘business as usual’.

“Above all, I wanted my customers to know that a partnership with Integrity Matters would always consist of three essential ingredients”:

  • Exceptional transparency 
  • Contract terms that are clear and consistently-honored 
  • A direct relationship between your success and that of your consultant 

“To me, it is really quite simple – serve people well.”

Company History 


Mission Statement

Integrity Matters seeks to offer consulting and training services to customers, using technology that supports the core competencies within their business, with the intention to serve the customer well.    


Professional Experience

Angie Lepak has worked within the Transportation/ Logistics industry for nearly 30 years and participated in more than 90 distinct software implementations over the course of her career. Having experienced ‘the system’ from various perspectives – including customer, freight forwarder, customs broker, local cartage company, and warehouse – Angie gained crucial insights into customer needs, especially in terms of managing your day-to-day activities and fighting with the software that is supposed to make the day easier.


Evolution of IM

As CIO with Forward Logistics Group, Angie implemented and administered 8 different software applications to help manage the company’s core functions. The firm relied upon these interdependent systems until 2007, when management made the decision to move to a single platform.  It changed the game.

Having a software platform that supports the company’s core competencies and empowers employees and executives to leverage optimization; measure and achieve efficiencies; and budget and forecast into the future can truly transform a business.  Now a strong proponent of this belief, Angie consults with business owners in the supply chain and logistics community to achieve the same results.  It starts with understanding the purpose of your business, the culture in your company, and the processes that set you apart from your competition.


Unrivaled Knowledge & Experience

In 2012, Angie Lepak became one of the first three WiseService Partners (WSPs) to operate in North America. Attaining this exclusive distinction enabled Angie – an independent consultant – to leverage both a diverse range of industry experiences and an acute knowledge of the CargoWise One system to provide her clients with an objective, yet specialized collection of consulting services that extended to these burgeoning organizations a significant competitive advantage over rivals.


Years in Supply Chain and Int'l Logistics Industry

Successful Implementation Projects

Years Experience in CargoWise One

Years in IT Consulting / Project Mgmt.

Client Testimonials

“Angie is a true business partner. I can always count on her high integrity and superior knowledge of the business and Cargowise. She always goes beyond the call to ensure we are moving on the right path.”

Lilly & Associates

“Angie is an extremely capable professional who is highly qualified and experienced in our industry. She brings this knowledge into all that she does and delivers consumable materials that are concise, instructive and efficiency driven for both internal and external uses.”

TLR Total Logistics

“Angie is very helpful and knowledgeable. She always responds to us in a timely manner and gets the job done!”

HNM Global Logistics

“Technical know-how, engagement and ability to interpret customers’ questions from all skill levels are Angie’s strengths. She has been exceptional to work with.”

Cole International

“Angie is always very informative, it is clear that she knows the system very well and is a fantastic trainer / educator of the system.”

AIT Worldwide Logistics

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